Biolo Job Change Guide

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Biolo Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 60(70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise. But you will have 70 before getting to 200 base lvl)
Job Class: Geneticist
Item(s) (Consumed): 7205.png 20 Piece of Black Cloth
7213.png 1 Needle Packet
6251.png 10 Black Charcoal
7221.png 10 Tangled Chains
7013.png 10 Coral Reef
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Biolo
  1. Go to Verus City, and speak to Aldina verus04157165 and accept her request.
    Biolo Aldina.png
  2. Go to the south left corner of Verus to investigate Piled Garbage verus0428115, then choose in order:
    • What do i do?
    • I'd better make a mask.
    • Layer multiple materials. (or Develop a new odor-blocking material.)
    • Dense Fabric.
    • Needle Packet
    • Black Charcoal
    You will need to gather 7205.png 20 Piece of Black Cloth 7213.png 1 Needle Packet 6251.png 10 Black Charcoal
    Biolo PiledGarbage.png
  3. After collecting the required items, investigate Piled Garbage and you will get a Gas Mask and a Airtight Box. Investigate the Garbage Dump again and select the first option.
  4. Go back with Aldina and she will ask you to go to the Biologist's Laboratory at verus0453263.
  5. Investigate the door of the building and select "Knock on the door" and you will be teleported.
    Biolo LabDoor.png
  6. Speak to Gregor and choose "Show the airtigh box.", "Whait, I forgot something.", and finally "Mandragora Incubator".
    Biolo Gregor.png
    • If you choose the wrong option, he will let you think again.
  7. Speak to Gregor again and he will request a set of items.
  8. After collecting the materials, investigate the books scattered around the room and select 'Shake off the dust and read' until Gregor say you can use the desk.
    • Theres 5 books to read on the site, 3 should be enough to proceed.
  9. Investigate the Clean Desk on the upper left to get a Mandragora Incubator.
  10. Speak to Gregor to change your job to a Biolo.
    • You don't have to un-equip your cart to change job.
    • Now Gregor will sell you 1000275.png Beaker