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Summon Flora

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Summon Flora.png Summon Flora
Summon Flora Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 20
Fixed Cast Time: 0.4 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 1.6 seconds
Cast Delay: 0.5 seconds
Duration: (6 − Skill Level) minutes;
Until is killed
Target: Ground
Range: 4 cells
Catalyst: 1 Plant Bottle
(Alchemist) Prepare Potion Lv. 6

Summon Flora (Alt: Bio Cannibalize) is a 2nd class supportive skill available as Alchemist and Biochemist.


Summons a plant monster on a targeted location. There is a maximum of plant monsters that can be summoned before the first one expires. Each cast consumes a Plant Bottle.

Level Monster Summon Limit Duration
1 Mandragora 5 5m
2 Hydra 4 4m
3 Flora 3 3m
4 Parasite 2 2m
5 Geographer 1 1m


  • Monsters will not attack these plants.
  • These plants will not attack players in PvM.
  • These plants can be attacked by players, so it is generally not a good idea to use them in highly bot-infested maps.
  • Each attack by these plants is considered as an attack done by the summoner and will trigger autocast skills and other effects that activate while attacking.
    • The previous statement means that if a monster is attacked by a plant, it will become aggressive towards the summoner.
  • The Geographer summoned at Level 5 casts Heal every 5 seconds on nearby players whose health is below 60% of their Max HP and restores about 850~900 HP. It's also capable of healing dead and undead property players.