Guillotine Cross Job Change Guide

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Guillotine Cross Job Change Guide
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 50 (70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise)
Job Class: Assassin or Assassin Cross
Item(s) (Consumed): 6320.png 1 Magical Stone
(if Non-VIP)
Item(s): 2795.png Green Apple Ring
12106.png Jewelry Box
5755.png Silent Executioner
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Guillotine Cross

TIP: If you are on base level 99 but not on max job level yet (job level 70 on Assassin Cross), you can take the quest until waiting periods (1 hour and 30 minutes). By this way, you can use your waiting time for leveling to save real life time. Simply continue the quest when you maxed your job level.

  1. Visit the pub in Morroc morocc 45107.
    GX Job Change 1.jpg
  2. Talk to the Guild Member. (At this point if you are not VIP you will need 1 Magical Stone)
    GX Job Change 2.jpg
  3. Go to Veins, and visit the Guillotine Cross Assassin Guild headquarters veins 254255.
    GX Job Change 3.jpg
  4. Talk to Daora inside the Guillotine Cross Assassin Guild headquaters.
    GX Job Change 4.jpg
  5. Go through the portal at the bottom right of the room, and proceed to enter the left portal in the next room.
  6. Talk to Mayshell.
    GX Job Change 5.jpg
  7. Go back into the main part of the guild headquaters and talk to Daora again. Keep asking for a drink until you are given the option to ask for help. (The correct option is "...")
  8. Talk to the Vigilante veins 291214.
    GX Job Change 6.jpg
  9. Go to the Tool Shop at veins 230162 and talk to the Young Merchant inside.
    GX Job Change 7.jpg
    GX Job Change 8.jpg
  10. Go to the Bar in Veins veins 148216, and talk to the waitress inside, Waitress Madelle. When asked about Trovan, choose their residence is unknown.
    GX Job Change 9.jpg
    GX Job Change 10.jpg
  11. Go back to the Assassin Guild in Veins veins 254255 and talk to Daora. Choose the "..." dialogue option and she will talk to you about the blind alleys in town.
  12. Go to veins 226180 and talk to the Girl. Pick the following characteristics: Girl, yellowish hair, young.
    GX Job Change 13.jpg
  13. Talk to Daora again and then go to veins 341286 at the time specified in your quest log (15 minutes later) and trigger the NPC by walking around the area. You have the chance to fail at catching her; you will have to wait another 5 minutes to try again if this happens. (Approaching from below while cloaked may have a higher success rate. Do not uncloak during the dialogue - it will end and this will register as a failure.)
    GX Job Change 14.jpg
  14. Return to Daora and choose the "..." dialogue option to start another dialogue.
  15. Go into the portal to the right, and enter the right portal in the corridor. Then talk to the NPC behind the desk (Estillda).
  16. Go to veins 20655 at the time specified in your quest log (30 minutes later) and trigger an NPC dialogue.
    GX Job Change 15a.jpg
  17. You will now be warped into a room with an NPC. Talk to the NPC and he will attack you. After you kill him, click on the corpse to receive a key. Click on it again to be warped back to Veins.
    • NOTE: The NPC monster has a lot of HP but seems to have low hit and doesn't hit for much damage. Just keep attacking and he will eventually die with little fuss. Also if you happen to disconnect within the room at any point in time, don't panic. You won't have to wait another 30 minutes to fight him again. Just spam the pop-up window at the entrance of the building till it lets you enter once again. Also, if you're an Assassin Cross, it's recommended to use Enchant Deadly Poison so the battle will end faster. This also applies to step 27, bring some Poison Bottles if you want to use it.
  18. Go to rachel 6137 and enter the building. Talk to Oresa Rava.
    GX Job Change 19.jpg
  19. Return to Mayshell at the guild in Veins.
    • NOTE: There will be two possible GX NPC Locations, both are confirmed and listed below. Depending on what the quest window tells you after speaking to Mayshell, you will go to 1 of the 2 listed locations.
    Option 1: Go to Veins Field 5 (328, 308) (the navigation system doesn't work for ve_fild05. Go to ve_fild03 22243 then head to the top-right corner of the map) and talk to the Girl , she will warp you to a new map. You will have 10 minutes to finish this mission.
    Option 2: Go to Veins Field 2 directly south of Rachel and talk to the Girl ve_fild02 330384, she will warp you to a new map. You will have 10 minutes to finish this mission.
    GX South Rachel.jpg
  20. Find a gap near the top of the fence to get through (it appears as a shadow on the ground; click it and choose to crawl through; you must be standing beside it for the dialogue to pop up). Cloak so the guards can't see you and move around to the back of the building. The guard dogs are demon type and can see through cloak, so be cautious.
    GX Fence.jpg
    GX quest25.JPG
  21. Enter through the back door.
    GX quest26.JPG
  22. Talk to the NPC inside the building, who will attack you after a dialogue.
    GX quest26b.JPG
    • NOTE: Be prepared as he has a lot of HP and the guard dogs may wander in during the fight. You may want to drag him up or down to one of the rooms. Bring a good supply of potions as he hits for over 1000 HP. The NPC monster is Large size, Demon race, and is Undead element.
    GX quest26c.JPG
    GX quest26d.JPG
    GX quest26e.JPG
  23. Once the monster is dead go back out the back door and talk to the NPC to the right and she will warp you back to the guild in Veins.
    GX quest28.JPG
    • NOTE: If you took longer than 10 minutes, she will warp you back to her location on the field map and you will have to do the mission over again. If you die within the mansion as well, you will have to wait for the 10 minute timer to expire before you can re-enter. The GX NPC will mention "it is better to strike when it is darker" etc. etc., indicating that you may not re-enter until 10 min. cool-down is over. There is also a similar 'wait' period for this section of the quest, as only one player may enter at any given time. Other players must wait till the previous tester is finished prior to allowed entrance by the Female GX NPC.
  24. Go into the room to the north and talk to Mayshell.
    GX quest29.JPG
  25. You will be given a grade by Mayshell based on how well you accomplished your quests (i.e. How many times did you have to ask about what to do or how many times did you question Daora, and how many times you died during NPC battles). Grades range from A-F and are essentially cosmetic. Any grade lower than a C will not receive a Jewelry Box award.
    GX Grade Mayshell.JPG
    GX Reward JBox.JPG
  26. Go back out of this room and into the room on the right. In this room talk to Bercasell and tell him you want to be a Guillotine Cross. He will tell a story about the Guillotine Cross job and then change you to a Guillotine Cross.
    GX quest30.JPG
    GX quest31.JPG