Shadow Cross Job Change Guide

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Shadow Cross Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 70
Job Class: Guillotine Cross
Item(s) (Consumed): 7799.png 5 Crystal of Darkness
6089.png 20 Dark Piece
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Shadow Cross
  1. Visit Finns Secret Tavern pub in veins veins257256.
  2. Talk to Rumin inside the Tavern job3_guil017492.
    SX QUEST STEP 2.png
  3. Go outside the Tavern and move to the building at 3 o'clock veins335231.
  4. Enter the building and talk with Guillotine Cross Verkhasel at ve_in212384.
    SX QUEST STEP 4.png
  5. Go to the south of Veins ve_fild0799141.
  6. Investigate the Pale Shadow ve_fild0799141 and a villager will spawn to talk with you.
    SX QUEST STEP 6.png
  7. Go back to veins and find Noah outside of the Security Management Room at veins87158.
  8. You need to call Tori from his home, so you must enter Tori then he'll will go out to tell you about his shadowy friend.
    SX QUEST STEP 8.png
  9. Go back to the south of Veins and investigate Pale Shadow ve_fild0799141.
  10. Talk with Guillotine Cross Verkhasel inside the building at veins335231.
  11. You are asked to talk with Guillotine Cross Verkhasel at ve_fild05317235 . There are 2 ways to go there:
    • Use Eden Dungeon Teleporter, warp to Thor's Volcano, exit, then head 1 map south.
    • Or go to the portal north of veins, then follow the map and enter the next portal which randomly teleport you to field 03 or 05, to continue the quest just go back and forth until you are in field 05.
    SX QUEST STEP 11.png
    • NOTE: Before this point you need to have with you 7799.png 5 Crystal of Darkness and 6089.png 20 Dark Piece to continue the quest.
    • You can obtain Crystal of Darkness by going to the 2nd Floor of the Dimensional Gap and speaking to the Continental Guard dali024596 to enter the Dimension Gorge
  12. An instance window will appear, talk again with Verkhasel to enter.
    • NOTE: This part of the quest is bugged, you may need to wait some time before entering and/or re-log.
  13. After entering 3 NPCs will spawn, talk with Verkhasel to start the dialogue.
    • NOTE: This part of the quest is bugged too, the NPCs may not spawn, and you are going to need to restart the instance.
  14. Head right a little and talk with the Shadow and the 3 NPCs from before will spawn.
    SX QUEST STEP 14.png
    SX QUEST STEP 15.png
  15. Talk again with Shadow and he's going to possess one NPC to attack you.
  16. After defeating the enemy, talk with the Shadow and Verkhasel.
  17. Talk again with the Shadow to change your job to a Shadow Cross.