Poisonous Weapon

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Poisonous Weapon.png Poisonous Weapon
Poisonous Weapon Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 16 + (Skill Level × 4)
Cast Delay: 1 second
Duration: (Skill Level) minutes
Target: Self
Catalyst: New Poisons
Status Icon: I Poisonous Weapon.png
(Guillotine Cross) Create New Poison Lv. 1

Poisonous Weapon (Alt: Poisoning Weapon) is a 3rd class active skill available as Guillotine Cross.


Coat the user's equipped weapon with a new poison temporarily, which grants a chance of leaving the target infected with the current poison while physically attacking. Allow to use Poisonous Smoke and Venom Pressure.

Level Chance of Effect Duration SP Cost
1 4% 1m 20
2 8% 2m 24
3 12% 3m 28
4 16% 4m 32
5 20% 5m 36