Sura Job Change Guide

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Sura Job Change Guide
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 50 (70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise)
Job Class: Champion
Hunting: 100 Desert Wolf
Item(s): 5754.png Blazing Soul [1]
2795.png Green Apple Ring
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Sura
Suggested spot for waiting it out.
  1. In Veins, go into the Pub and talk to Sludge Worm ve_in241128.
    • Route to Veins: Speak to Keiki prontera98120 to warp to Juno. Then speak to the Kafra Employee yuno152187 to warp to Rachel. Finally, speak to the Cool Event Corp. Staff rachel109138 to warp to Veins.
    • Sludge and a waitress get into an argument, and an unknown fighter breaks it up.
  2. Go back outside and up the ramp to the upstairs building veins127238. Go inside, and talk to Fighter ve_in99159 down the stairs (NPC window will pop up on approach).
    • She's reluctant to talk to you.
    • Continue talking to her until she tells you to hunt 100 Desert Wolves.
  3. After hunting 100 Desert Wolves return to Fighter, who reveals herself as Bruno.
    • She tells you to talk to Buddy who is training on the El Mes Plateau southeast of Juno.
  4. Speak to Buddy yuno_fild07254176 in the center of Juno Field 7 who warps you to the test area.
  5. Enter the chatroom.
    • There may be a wait if someone is ahead of you.
  6. Upon entering the test room, after a brief delay a large mob of Injustice, Rybios, Skeleton Prisoners and Zombie Prisoners will spawn named Phantom. None of these monsters need to be killed.
    • Multiple waves will spawn periodically, including Ridewords named "Magazine."
    • Tip: Hide behind the top pillar and kill monsters that find their way to you (with the flags in front of it, pictured).
    • It is recommended to have Mental Strength as a backup for when the mob attacking you becomes too large to pot through.
    • Tip: You may use a Token of Siegfried after the NPC appears and simply resurrect after the enemies disappear.
  7. After waiting out the onslaught, Buddy returns after 5-6 minutes, the surviving monsters are killed and he takes you to his Master.
  8. Talk to the Master, who accepts you as a Sura and changes your job.