Inquisitor Job Change Guide

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Inquisitor Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 60(70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise. But you will have 70 before getting to 200 base lvl)
Job Class: Sura
Quest Prerequisite(s): Prontera
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Inquisitor
  1. Go inside the Hotel at prontera107218 and nearby the stairs talk with Inn Employee.
  2. Go to the second floor, pass the second room and Seriang will start a dialogue.
    • Select any option for all dialog.
  3. Go to the northeast of Prontera Field 3 (1 North, 2 East from Prontera) prt_fild03360272 and talk with Einhar.
    • Select either option, then "I'd like to return to Odin".
    • NOTE At this point make sure you are in a party as the party leader.
  4. Go to Prontera Monastery at prt_monk97214 and talk with Einhar.
    • Select "Request to enter the underground ward" to create the job change instance.
    • Talk again and select "Enter the underground ward" to enter the instance.
  5. Inside the instance, you must speak with Einhar and he will tell you the order to remove the seals.
    • NOTE There's four seals, one per corner of the map. NW is Nied, NE is Is, SE is Siegel, SW is Wyn.
  6. When you release the last seal, choose "Enter now" and you will be sent to the middle.
  7. You need to defeat a Baphomet named Heinous Monster.
  8. After you defeat the monster, talk with Einhar who appears near the center of the room.
    • Select "Leave" and after your are outside the instance, use the Dungeon Destroyed button in the Memorial Dungeon window.
    • NOTE You will have to repeat the steps 4 through 8 two more times.
  9. Talk again with Einhar to open the instance again.
  10. After you have defeated the monster three times, go outside the instance and talk with Einhar.
  11. Talk again with him to change your job to a Inquisitor.