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Snap.png Snap
Snap Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 14
Cast Delay: ASPD Based*
Target: Ground
Range: 18 cells
Spirit Spheres: 1*
(Monk) Spiritual Cadence Lv. 2, Mental Strength Lv. 3, Guillotine Fist Lv. 3

Snap (Alt: Body Relocation) is a 2nd class active skill available as Monk and Champion.


Instantly transports the user to a targeted location in a straight line, providing no solid obstacle exists between the user and the destination. Each cast uses a Spirit Sphere unless the user is in Fury status, in which case this skill will use none.


  • There is a Cast Delay of 2 seconds for a casted Guillotine Fist immediately after this skill.
  • Players do not count as an obstacle. Monks can Snap their way through crowds of people or even directly behind a player.
  • The user will be completely unaffected by any obstacles in the way when moving with this skill. Fire Walls will not be harmful. Neither will Traps.
  • Snapping away will save the user from area skills, but will not release them from most single-target skills, even if they have moved all the way off the screen from the attacker (unless the attacker no longer has a line of sight to the caster). An exception is that this skill can release the player from Fiber Lock.
  • Despite the "moving" animation, the character does not really take any time at all to Snap. The slight delay that may be encountered is simply lag, and the movement is truly instant.
  • This skill cannot be used in Battlegrounds.
  • This skill cannot be used in Al de Baran Turbo Track.


Enhanced by

  • Tengu Shoes:
    • If upgrade level is +5 or higher, reduces SP cost by 5.
    • If upgrade level is +7 or higher, reduces SP cost by an additional 5.