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Vituperatum.png Vituperatum
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 158 - (14 x Skill Level)
Fixed Cast Time: 3.5 - (0.5 x Skill Level) seconds
Variable Cast Time: 1 second
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: 11 cells
Area of Effect: 3x3 ~ 5x5
Catalyst: 1 Blue Gemstone
(Arch Bishop) Epiclesis Lv. 1 Expiatio Lv. 1

Vituperatum (Alt: Criticism) is a 3rd class active skill available as Arch Bishop.


Applies all the effects of Lex Aeterna on all enemies in a set area around the target.

Level Area of Effect Cast Time (Fixed) SP Cost
1 3x3 3.0s 144
2 2.5s 120
3 2.0s 106
4 5x5 1.5s 92
5 1.0s 78