Mediale Votum

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Mediale Votum.png Mediale Votum
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 20 + (10 × Skill Level)
Fixed Cast Time: ? seconds
Variable Cast Time: ? seconds
Cast Delay: ? second
Cooldown: ? seconds
Duration: 20 + (10 × Skill Level) seconds
Range: 9 cells
Area of Effect: 9x9
Dilectio Heal Lv. 3

Mediale Votum (Alt: Mediale Votum) is a 4th class active skill available as Cardinal.


Apply a buff to the target. The buff will heal the holder and surrounding party members within 9x9 area every 2 seconds.

The amount healed is determined by the current HP of the holder, Healing% stat of the target and Received Healing% stat of the holder.

Level Heal Amount Duration
1 2% 40s
2 4% 60s
3 6% 80s
4 8% 100s
5 10% 120s


  • When the caster's H.Plus is above 100, the AoE of the skill is increased to 11x11. (This condition could be CRT > 100, needs testing)