Magnus Exorcismus

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Magnus Exorcismus.png Magnus Exorcismus
Magnus Exorcismus Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 38 + (Skill Level × 2)
Fixed Cast Time: 1 second
Variable Cast Time: 4 seconds
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Duration: (Skill Level + 4) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 7x7
Property: Holy
Catalyst: 717.png 1 Blue Gemstone
(Priest) Safety Wall Lv. 1, Lex Aeterna Lv. 1, Turn Undead Lv. 3

Magnus Exorcismus (Alt: Magnus Exorcismus or ME) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Priest and High Priest.


Summons a purifying cross on a targeted location, where monsters within the area of effect will be struck with waves of exorcism. Each wave will inflict several hits of 100% Holy property magic damage. This skill will deal 130% Holy property magic damage per hits to monsters with Demon race, Undead race, Shadow property, or Undead property. Each cast consumes a Blue Gemstone.

Level Hits Inflicted Duration SP Cost
1 1 5s 40
2 2 6s 42
3 3 7s 44
4 4 8s 46
5 5 9s 48
6 6 10s 50
7 7 11s 52
8 8 12s 54
9 9 13s 56
10 10 14s 58


  • Despite the animation, all damage of each wave is connected in one single bundle.
  • Anything that is hit by this skill becomes immune to the skill for three seconds; thus, maximum output against an enemy is 5 waves of damage after the cast.
  • Each cell from the area of this skill is only activated for a maximum amount of hits. If too many monsters are stacked on the same cell, this cell of this skill will disappear after dealing the maximum amount of hits it can and will and no longer damage enemies: these monsters have to be moved to another cell that is still active.
  • If the user is incapacitated (Stunned, Frozen, Petrified), then this skill will not process attacks.


Enhanced by


  • Old Mitra [1] - Increases damage by 10% per 2 upgrade levels.
  • Shrine Maiden Hat [1]:
    • Reduces variable casting time and fixed casting time by 100%.
    • If upgrade level is +9 or higher, increases damage by 120%.



Equipment Sets

Shadow Equipment

  • Priest Shadow Armor:
    • Increases damage by 20%.
    • For every upgrade level, increases damage by an additional 5%.


This page has the previous version of this skill before the 2020 skill updates.


  • May 1st, 2020
    • Fixed casting time reduced from 3 second to 1 second.
    • Variable casting time reduced from 12 second to 4 seconds.
    • Global delay of skills reduced from 4 second to 1 second.
    • 6 seconds cooldown added.
    • Skill now deals damage to all race monsters, instead of only Undead property and Demon race monsters.
    • Skill now deals 130% Holy property magic damage per hits to monsters with Demon race, Undead race, Shadow property, or Undead property.