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Redemptio.png Redemptio
Redemptio Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 400
Fixed Cast Time: 0.8 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 3.2 seconds
Target: Self
Area of Effect: 15x15
In order to gain this skill, the player has to complete a quest.

Redemptio (Alt: Redemptio) is a 2nd class supportive skill available as Priest and High Priest. This skill can only be learned through a certain quest.


Sacrifices the caster to revive all party members around the caster with 50% of their Max HP. Afterwards, the caster's HP and SP are dropped to 1 and loses 1% of the required base experience to the next level. The experience loss is reduced by 0.2% for each party member that has been revived. If there is not enough experience, this skill will fail.


  • The Cast Time can neither be interrupted nor reduced by DEX.
  • With 5 or more people, the experience cost is nullified.
  • Characters with maxed base level still receive experience which can be seen on the Character Select screen. This experience never decreases due to death, so it should continue to rise as the character obtains experience as usual. This experience is used when casting this skill; resurrecting less than five people will reduce the experience shown in the Character Select screen.
  • The experience required to resurrect is 1% of the 99,999,999 maximum, or equal to 1 million, as a whole; each person resurrected reduces the cost by 200,000 EXP.