B.S Sacramenti

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B.S Sacramenti.png B.S Sacramenti
B.S Sacramenti Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 20
Duration: (Skill Level × 40) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 9 cells
Area of Effect: 3x3
Status Icon: I BSSacrimenti.png
(Priest) Aspersio Lv. 5, Gloria Lv. 3

B.S Sacramenti (Alt: Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti) is a 2nd class supportive skill available as Priest and High Priest.


Blesses a targeted location to endow the armor of all players within the area of effect with the Holy property. Requires the user to have two Acolyte class players horizontally adjacent to the user (default camera view), whose SP is deducted by 10. Acts as Offensive Endowment when used against Undead property and Demon race monsters, which inflict Holy property damage that equals the half of the recovered HP from the Heal skill.

Level Duration
1 40s
2 80s
3 120s
4 160s
5 200s


  • Even though this skill requires the user to have 2 Acolyte classes next to the user, the skill will still work even if they are hidden, dead, not in the same guild and unpartied. The only requirement is for them to be next to the user in a horizontal line.
  • The skill will fail if any of the required Acolyte classes has under 10 SP.
  • Can be used by having Game Masters instead of Acolyte class players.
  • Unequipping armor does not cancel this skill, so elemental armor is rendered useless when under the effects of this skill.


  • The full name of this skill is Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti, which meaning is Benediction of the most Sacred Sacrament.