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Skilled Special Singer

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Skilled Special Singer.png Skilled Special Singer
Skilled Special Singer Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 1
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Target: Self
Weapon: Instrument or Whip
(Bard) Unchained Serenade Lv. 3, Music Lessons Lv. 10, (Dancer) Hip Shaker Lv. 3, Dance Lessons Lv. 10, (Minstrel & Gypsy) Marionette Control Lv. 1

Skilled Special Singer (Alt: Longing for Freedom) is a Transcendent 2nd class active skill available as Minstrel and Gypsy.


Immediately removes penalty of ensemble skills.


This page has the previous version of this skill before the 2020 skill updates.


  • May 1st, 2020
    • Name changed from Longing for Freedom to Skilled Special Singer.
    • Effect changed.
      • Old: Allows the user to move, attack and use skills while performing an ensemble.
      • New: Immediately removes penalty of ensemble skills.
    • Levels reduced from 5 to 1.
    • SP cost reduced from 15 to 1.
    • 60 seconds cooldown added.