Poring Village

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Poring Village
Base Level: 30 ~ 60
Party: 1+ Member
Hunting: King Poring
Item(s): 23302.png Poring Treasure Box
Additional reward on first time completion:
19238.png Poring Village Green Onion
19239.png Poring Village Carrot
Event Notice


Poring Village Main.png

Introducing an all-new instance for mid-level players! Gather up a party and enter the Poring Village, where loads of adorable yet mischievous Porings greet you with... warmth and hugs, of course! They're definitely not here to loot your belongings.


  1. Find Emily prt_fild05145235 looking for adventurers like you to accompany her into the Poring Village, where treasure surely awaits! Make sure you're in a Party first, even if it's just a party of yourself.
    Poring Village Entrance.png
  2. Once you enter the instance, follow Emily along the trail and encounter some "friendly" Porings. After the barrier breaks, push through and defeat all the Porings in your path! You won't be able to progress until you do!
    Poring Village 1.png
  3. A few times during the instance you'll be prompted to check out a mysterious blue column of light. When you do, you'll be magically transformed into a monster! Use your new form to continue pushing through the village to gain more treasure!
    Poring Village 2.png
  4. After you defeat all enemies and make it to the end of the instance, Emily will give you a Poring Treasure Box. On your very first visit, she will also give you a Poring Village Green Onion or Poring Village Carrot. Hurray!
    Poring Village 3.png


After receiving the Poring Village Green Onion or Carrot from Emily, you can talk to the Veggie Enchanter prt_fild05174238 located just east of Emily.

Poring Village Enchant 1.png

The Poring Village veggies can be enchanted only once, after which they would need to be reset if you wish to re-enchant it. Enchanting or resetting the veggies costs 50 Jellopies and 20,000 Zeny. Good thing you can pick up so many Jellopies in the instance!
Each enchant or reset has a 70% chance of success.

Warning: Failure to enchant/reset will result in the item breaking.

Poring Village Enchant 2.png

List of possibe enchants:

Enchant Chance
4795.png HP + 100 1,6%
4796.png HP + 200 0,4%
4928.png SP + 10 8,0%
4870.png SP + 25 4,0%
4800.png SP + 50 0,8%
4700.png STR + 1 4,0%
4730.png AGI + 1 4,0%
4740.png VIT + 1 11,3%
4710.png INT + 1 4,0%
4720.png DEX + 1 4,0%
4750.png LUK + 1 11,3%
4992.png HP Absorption 1 0,08%
4993.png SP Absorption 1 0,08%