Room of Consciousness

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Room of Consciousness
Base Level: 100
Base Experience: 800,000 Base EXP (first-time)
400,000 Base EXP (daily)
Job Experience: 800,000 Job EXP (first-time)
400,000 Job EXP (daily)
Item(s): 30 Honor Token (first-time)
10 Honor Token (daily)
  1. Go to Royal Memory, by either:
    • Talk to Chamberlain Bell and choose Call Nillem. Talk to Court Mage Nillem and choose Move to the Past Memories of the Royal Family, or
    • Talk to Overwatcher Terketh and choose To the Past Memories of the Royal Family.
  2. Once inside the Royal Memory, talk to Mage Nillem again and a Dimensional Warper appears.
  3. Use the Dimension Warper to be taken back to the Old Memoir of Royal Family.
  4. Talk to Nillem to reserve the instance, then the Swaying Space to start the instance.
  5. Talk to Fenrir at the entrance.
  6. Walk up to the altar and talk to Iris . They find a Ymir Heart piece, as a small number of mildly weak skeletons appear (12k HP or so).
    There are two waves of Enhanced Skeletons.
    RoomOfConciousness enchantedSkeleton.pngRoomOfConciousness enchantedArcherSkeleton.png
  7. Once the waves of monsters are done, speak with Iris .
  8. It will spawn a Renovated Amdarais. It isn't too hard to defeat.
    RoomOfConciousness renovatedAmdarais.png
  9. Talk to Iris once it's defeated, and then Bijou will attack you herself. She'll attack you with a very weak version of herself. Then she will attack again with her normal boss self.
    Note: You can lure the monsters to Iris and Fenrir, and they will do a small portion of damage to the bosses.
    RoomOfConciousness bijou.png
  10. After defeating Bijou, talk to Iris to exit the instance.