Kyrie Eleison

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Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison
Kyrie Eleison Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 10, selectable
SP Cost: 20~35
Fixed Cast Time: 0.4 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 1.6 seconds
Cast Delay: 2 seconds
Duration: 2 minutes
Target: Any entity
Range: 9 cells
Status Icon: I KyrieElieson.png
(Acolyte) Angelus Lv. 2

Kyrie Eleison (Alt: Kyrie Eleison) is a 2nd class supportive skill available as Priest and High Priest.


Creates a protective barrier on a single target that blocks every form of physical damage until its durability wears off or expires. Its durability is a portion of the target's Max HP. This skill CAN be used in conjunction with Assumptio since the May 1 Skill Rebalance Update on iRO.

Level Hits Blocked Durability (HP) SP Cost
1 5 12% 20
2 6 14%
3 16%
4 7 18% 25
5 20%
6 8 22%
7 24% 30
8 9 26%
9 28%
10 10 30% 35


  • Holy Light will immediately cancel the barrier on the targeted player.
  • Armor DEF and reductions decrease the damage Kyrie Eleison takes.
  • Order of which defensive mechanic is calculated first is:


  • For practical purposes, it is recommended to learn an even numbered level of this skill in order to maximize the number of hits blocked per skill point used.


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