Spring Trap

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Spring Trap.png Spring Trap
Spring Trap Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 10
Cast Delay: ASPD
Target: Trap
Range: (Skill Level + 3) cells
Add-on: Falcon
(Hunter) Falconry Mastery Lv. 1, Remove Trap Lv. 1

Spring Trap (Alt: Spring Trap) is a 2nd class active skill available as Hunter and Sniper.


Commands the Falcon to remove a set trap from a distance.

Level Range
1 4c
2 5c
3 6c
4 7c
5 8c


  • The targeted trap will be destroyed. It is not like Remove Trap in which the trap can be collected and re-used.
  • Unlike Remove Trap, this skill will remove enemy traps. However, it does not destroy traps set by monsters or Rogue class. Only works on Hunter class-set traps.