Windhawk Job Change Guide

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Windhawk Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 60(70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise. But you will have 70 before getting to 200 base lvl)
Job Class: Ranger
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Wind Hawk
  1. Go to the west of Payon and talk with Drunk Old Man at payon100177.
    • Select "Luluka Forest" then "Frog" finally "East Side".
    • NOTE Make sure you are within a party as the leader before continue.
  2. Go to the northwest of Luluka Forest at um_fild0147345 and investigate the frog stone statue.
    • Select "Turn East" to create an instance.
  3. When the countdown is over, talk again with the statue to enter the instance.
  4. Go straight up and you will see a cabin, investigate the Flowers next to the door.
    • Select "Look at the flowers" and you will get the "Key of the hut" which is not an item.
  5. Enter the cabin, and after entering, investigate the Bed and you will hear a sound from outside.
  6. When you leave the cabin, walk down and you will find out that some rocks have collapsed.
    • Select "Start now" to start the challenge of surviving alone for 10 days.
  7. Talk to the Bed and after that, leave the cabin to start a new day.
    • You have 10 minutes to complete the tasks per day.
  8. Since the third day, make sure of the following:
    • Keep the fireplace going.
    • The capacity of the Food Storage is higher than 40%.
    • The capacity of the Drinking Water Bucket is higher than 30%.
    • NOTE If you fail in one of those, you will get deducted points, which wont fail the job change immediately, but if you lose too many points, you will be kicked out of the instance.
  9. You can get tools such as buckets, hoes and axes from the Warehouse next to the cabin.
  10. For each day you can do the following tasks:
    • Traps: Two traps can be set at 11 O'Clock. Later you have the following options:
      • Place
      • Take away -> Will be placed in a basket next to the fireplace.
      • Make food -> Food Storage +80%.
    • Collection of red plants: Using a Hoe from the Warehouse
      • For every plant collected -> Food Storage +15%.
    • Fetch water: Using a bucket from the Warehouse go to 1 O'Clock.
      • Every time a bucket of water is collected into the Drinking Water Bucket -> Water +10%.
    • Using an Axe from the Warehouse go to the Firewood Pile at 2 O'Clock and chop wood.
      • Make sure the fireplace keeps going each day.
    • Animal feeding: When you are hunting you can get animals which needs to be fed.
      • Feeding one animal -> Food Storage -10%.
      • The animal is placed next to the fireplace, so it needs to be going for the animal to be warm.
    • Sleeping
      • At the end of the day, you can sleep in the Bed to go to the next day.
      • Make sure your Food Storage is over 40% and Water is over 30% to not fail.
  11. When you survived the 10 days, the owner of the cabin will appear near the collapsed zone. Talk to him to leave the instance.
  12. Outside, talk with Owner of the Tent.
    • Select "Let go of the string"
  13. If you have enough points, you will be changed to a Wind Hawk job.