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Falconry Mastery

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Falconry Mastery.png Falconry Mastery
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 1
Status Icon: I Falcon.png
(Hunter) Lv. 1 Beast Bane

Falconry Mastery (Alt: Falconry Mastery) is a 2nd class passive skill available as Hunter and Sniper.


Enables Hunters to command a Falcon.

Class Falcon Appearance
Hunter Hunter-Falcon.gif
Sniper Sniper-Falcon.gif
Ranger Ranger-Owl.gif
Not implemented on iRO


  • Falcons and can be rented for 2,500 Zeny at the Hunter Guild.
  • Falcon Pipes can be purchased outside the Archer Guild and inside the Hunter Guild for 10,000 Zeny each. They are consumable items that can be used to summon a Falcon from anywhere.
  • Falcons require no special attention (i.e. food) and should only leave their master if said master decides to unequip it.

Known Bugs

  • Leaving the Equipment Window open for a long duration of time can cause the Falcon to disappear, in which case a new one will have to be purchased.