Cobalt Trap

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Cobalt Trap.png Cobalt Trap
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 10
Cast Delay: 2s
Duration: 15 seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 3 cells
Area of Effect: 5x5
Property: Neutral
Catalyst: 1 Special Alloy Trap and 1 Crystal Blue
(Ranger) Trap Research Lv.1

Cobalt Trap (Alt: 'Cobalt Trap ) is a 3rd class active skill available as Ranger.


A maximum of 1 trap can be placed at once. Permanently changes the monster that steps on this trap and any monster in a 5x5 area around this trap to Water Element. Does not affect boss type monsters or players, and consumes one Crystal Blue and a Special Alloy Trap.


  • This trap can be placed under players and monsters.
  • This trap will yield only 1 Special Alloy Trap when affected by Keen Nose.
  • This trap has a 3x3 activation area and can only activate 0.5s after it has been placed.
  • This trap disappears instantly once activated.
  • This trap can be knocked back by AoE skills like Arrow Shower and Magnum Break.
  • This trap can be destroyed by Trample.

General Trap information

  • Trap Duration lasts 4 times as long in WoE.
  • Traps occupy 1 cell.
  • Traps can only be placed up to 2 cells next to another Trap.
  • Traps will not activate if the caster is under the effect of Manhole.