Blacksmith Job Change Guide(Classic)

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This is the Blacksmith Job Change Guide that existed before Einbroch and Einbech were implemeneted. For the latest version of the quest, please check out Blacksmith Job Change Guide.

Blacksmith Job Change Guide(Classic)
Base Level: None
Job Level: 40
Job Class: Merchant
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Item(s): 30 Steel (Job Level 50) -OR- 5 Steel (Job Level < 50)
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Blacksmith

1. Go to the southeast building in Geffen 17961 and talk to Guildsman Altiregan geffen_in 110169. He will ask you to find Geschupenschte.

2. Go in the Weapon Shop building at Alberta 11741 and look for Guildsman Geschupenschte in alberta_in 17422.

3. Talk to Geschupenschte. He will give you a quiz with 10 questions.

Question Answer
1. Which region is matched incorrectly with its specialty item? B. Alberta - Sword Mace
2. What status can be inflicted with the Hammer Fall skill? A. Stun
3. Which skill cannot be performed by a Merchant? D. Increase AGI
4. Where can you find a store that sells Blue Gemstones? C. Geffen
5. Where is the Tool Dealer located in Geffen? A. 8 o'clock direction from the town square
6. Which weapon cannot be used by a Merchant? D. Bible
7. Which has the highest defense rate? B. Mink Coat
8. For Level 3 Weapons, what is the safe limit for upgrading? C. up to +5
9. What item can be made using the Trunks item? A. Sakkat
10. The most important part of being a Merchant is...? Any answer


Question Answer
1) Which region is matched incorrectly with its specialty item? B. Aldebaran - Hammer
2) How much Zeny is one Jellopy worth? C. 3z
3) What is required for a Merchant to use the Vending skill? A. Must Have a Cart
4) Where can you change your Job to become a Merchant? A. Alberta
5) Where is the Weapons Dealer located in Morroc? D. 5 o'clock direction from the town square
6) What weapon can a Merchant not use? B. Claymore
7) Which one of the following has the highest defense rates? B. Mink Coat
8) For level 3 weapons, what is the safe limit for upgrading? B. Up to +4
(the "correct" answer is +5 but due to
a scripting error
you must answer +4 for credit)
9) What monster does NOT drop Iron Ore? D. Anolian
10) The most important part of being a Merchant is...? ?) Any answer

4. After successfully completing the quiz, he will ask you to bring some items.

Set Items
Set 1 8 Iron, 20 Green Herb, 2 Animal Skin, 1 Ring Pommel Saber
Set 2 8 Iron Ore, 1 Eye Patch, 2 Blue Gemstones, 1 Arbalest Bow
Set 3 2 Steel, 1 Rotten Bandage, 2 Blue Gemstones, 1 Arc Wand
Set 4 2 Star Dust, 1 Skel-Bone, 1 Zargon, 1 Gladius
Set 5 2 Coal, 2 Shell, 2 Red Blood, 1 Tsurugi

Note: Although he will always ask for a type of weapon, all can be purchased at NPC shops. He does not accept the weapon if it has already been refined.

5. After bringing the set of items asked for (which determines the npc you'll see next), Geschupenschte will ask you to deliver the weapon to one of the following NPCS:

  • Bismarc in Comodo 158342
  • Baisulist in Geffen 46164
  • Krongast in Izlude 69181
  • Talpiz in Payon 21479
  • Wickebine in Morocc 27112

6. After talking to the appropriate NPC and delivering the item successfully, you will receive a voucher. Head back to see Geschupenschte to turn it in.

7. Geschupenschte will send you back to Altiregen. Talk to him and he'll refer you to Mitmay/Mitehmaeeuh/Mitmair.

8. In Morocc 94132, talk to Mitmay/Mitehmaeeuh/Mitmair. She will give you a quiz that has 5 questions.

Question Answer
1. What ability is required to learn the Discount skill? A. Level 3 Enlarge Weight Limit
2. When you attack with Hammer Fall, what status effect can you inflict on enemies? A. Stun
3. How much Zeny is spent when attacking with the mastered Mammonite Skill? (Level 10) A. 1000 Zeny
4. What is the discount rate when the Discount skill is mastered? A. 24%
5. What is the maximum percent that you can overcharge items sold to NPC's after mastering the Overcharge skill? A. 23%
Question Answer
1. Which of the following monsters drops Steel? A. Skel Worker
2. Which of the following stones can be made from Red Bloods? A. Flame Heart
3. Which of the following stones do you have the most of in your Kafra Storage? A. Any answer
4. In general, which of the following properties
receives the most damages from Wind attribute weapon?
A. Water Property
5. How many Iron Ore? is required to make 1 Steel? A. 5
  • ? This is kind of a trick, but it is more likely a mistake in the translation. It should be "Iron" not "Iron Ore".
Question Answer
1) What do you usually do when you meet someone randomly on the street? A. Ask them what they need
2) In what village can you learn the Crazy Uproar and Change Cart skills? A. Alberta
3) From the center of Einbroch, in which direction is the Blacksmith Guild? A. 5 o'clock
4) In which town can you find the most Blacksmiths? A. Einbroch
5) Which of the following statuses affect your skill as a Blacksmith? A. DEX

7. After successfully answering the questions, she will give you a Hammer of Blacksmith to give to Altiregen. Head back to Geffen and talk to Altiregen one final time with the Hammer of Blacksmith to change to Blacksmith. If you were under Job Level 50, you will receive 5 Steel. If you are Job Level 50, you will receive 30 Steel.

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