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Reproduce/List of reproducible skills

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This is a list of 3rd class skills that can be obtained through the Reproduce skill (Shadow Chaser only). Strikethrough skills can no longer be copied due to skill changes.


Job Class Skill(s) Restrictions/Notes
Rune Knight
Ignition Break.png Ignition Break
Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave
Wind Cutter.png Wind Cutter
Royal Guard
Earth Drive.png Earth Drive
Require Shield.
Shield Press.png Shield Press
Shield Spell.png Shield Spell
Comet.png Comet
Requires Red Gemstones.
Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning
Crimson Rock.png Crimson Rock
Drain Life.png Drain Life
Earth Strain.png Earth Strain
Frost Misty.png Frost Misty
Hell Inferno.png Hell Inferno
Soul Expansion.png Soul Expansion
Jack Frost.png Jack Frost
Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust
Earth Grave.png Earth Grave
Electric Walk.png Electric Walk
Fire Walk.png Fire Walk
Killing Cloud.png Killing Cloud
Poison Burst.png Poison Burst
Psychic Wave.png Psychic Wave
Varetyr Spear.png Varetyr Spear
Aimed Bolt.png Aimed Bolt
Require Bow & Arrows.
Arrow Storm.png Arrow Storm
Bomb Cluster.png Bomb Cluster
Require Special Alloy Traps.
Fire Trap.png Fire Trap
Ice Trap.png Ice Trap
Maestro &
Severe Rainstorm.png Severe Rainstorm
Requires Bow & Arrows.
Metallic Sound.png Metallic Sound
Blood Sucker.png Blood Sucker
Materials required. Check skills for details.
Crazy Vines.png Crazy Vines
Hallucination Drug.png Hallucination Drug
Hell Plant.png Hell Plant
Spore Explosion.png Spore Explosion
Thorn Trap.png Thorn Trap
Thorn Wall.png Thorn Wall
Lava Flow.png Lava Flow
Guillotine Cross
Cross Impact.png Cross Impact
Dark Illusion.png Dark Illusion
Phantom Menace.png Phantom Menace
Dark Claw.png Dark Claw
Shadow Chaser
Feint Bomb.png Feint Bomb
Require Paint Brush and Surface Paints.
Triangle Shot.png Triangle Shot
Require Bow & Arrows.
Fatal Menace.png Fatal Menace
Arch Bishop
Adoramus.png Adoramus
Requires Blue Gemstones.
High Heal.png High Heal
Requires Undead property (Evil Druid card) and have Heal plagiarized.
Renovatio.png Renovatio
Requires Undead property (Evil Druid card).
Duple Light.png Duple Light
Judex.png Judex
Knuckle Arrow.png Knuckle Arrow
Require Spirit Spheres.
Rampage Blast.png Rampage Blast
Lightning Ride.png Lightning Ride
Gates of Hell.png Gates of Hell
Tiger Cannon.png Tiger Cannon
Requires Fury status.
Gentle Touch-Silence.png Gentle Touch-Silence
Earth Shaker.png Earth Shaker
Lion's Howl.png Lion's Howl
Sky Blow.png Sky Blow
Windmill.png Windmill