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Royal Guard
Royal Guard.png
Job Base(s): Paladin
Job Type: 3-2
Job Level: 65
Race: Human
Changes At: Prontera
Number of Skills: 19
Total Skill Points: 112
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+8 +3 +8 +10 +8 +3


Royal Guard.jpeg

Royal Guards are an elite order of Paladins that originally served under King Schmidtz of Glast Heim. King Schmidtz knew that to defend his kingdom from the terrors and chaos of the world he would need a special defense unit that answered only to him. That is how the Griffon-riding Royal Guards came to be. Their name is often abbreviated and then referred to as just "RG".

At a glance, this class has relatively good HP pool and an excellent SP pool, when compared to their class counterpart. Unlike Rune Knights, which are typically forced into Dragon Breath types of builds, the Royal Guard has the option of playing with builds that involve Banding two or more Royal Guards together; a Royal Guard can play Defense or Offense very effectively, given proper foresight of his/her skill tree. In addition to gaining new and powerful offensive skills, the Royal Guard can easily draw upon its older skills, such as Guard, Spear Quicken, Sacrifice, and Rapid Smiting. This makes for one very powerful, vastly dynamic, and exciting class.

Job Change Guide

See Royal Guard Job Change Guide for detailed information.


MVP Killer (Vanishing Point/Cannon Spear/Overbrand)

  • STR:120 (complements gears that require you to have 120 STR)
  • AGI:120 (for the Imperial Set bonus, and greatly helps Vanishing Point Spamability)
  • VIT:50+
  • INT:1-50
  • DEX:95-100
  • LUK:1

An non Inspiration MVP Killer-built Royal Guard sports high STR for damage, as well as good DEX and VIT for additional damage and survival, respectively. The Royal Guard may choose to have some INT for the SP usage as typically it takes two casts of Overbrand to drop a mob of monsters if the character is not near a wall. High AGI coupled with Spear Quicken will make Vanishing Point a powerful single target DPS skill, usually for MVPing purposes.

This build is centered on high overall ATK, which of course requires high ATK Spears (Imperial Spear, Glorious Spear, Crimson Spear, Gelerdria) are excellent Spears to use with Overbrand, Cannon Spear and Vanishing Point. The more recent Crimson Spears and Lances, at a high refine, are also excellent options, due to their varied elements, to replace certain options.

  • Spear Quicken also has synergy with Overbrand, boosting the damage of the first hit. Some RGs may not max Spear Quicken in order to have more points for other skills like Sacrifice and Battle Chant (using RG points for Crusader skills is an option though of course).
  • Consider Shield Spell level 3 for the large ATK boost.
  • Moon Slasher is an additional skill that is also boosted by the level of Overbrand known. One can use Moon Slasher to attempt to immobilize monsters, then strike with Overbrand as a combo. For single targets, Shield Press may be a better option to stun.
  • Additional skills rely on the type of environment the build is used for.

Cannon Spear / Vanishing Point Build

  • STR:120+
  • AGI:80-100
  • VIT:90-100
  • INT:1-50
  • DEX:90-100
  • LUK:1-28

This build functions similarly to the standard Overbrand-focused builds. High STR is of greater importance, as it directly influences Cannon Spear's damage formula. Cannon Spear has a longer, though narrower AoE than Overbrand, costs half as much SP, doesn't require a wall for optimum damage, and does not scatter mobs. However, it is important to note its strict AoE path and 2 second cooldown. Due to the skill hitting anything in its path, its easier to gather and lead mobs around for better efficiency. Status effects can be an option to spread through multiple foes.

Spear Quicken isn't necessary to boost damage/DPS, though Vanishing Point is still a reliable secondary option for single and/or high flee targets. Any spear recommended for Overbrand will also function well with Cannon Spear. However, Cannon Spear will benefit more from ranged attack boosts, such as Expert Archer enchants and Archer Skeleton cards, for higher damage.


  • STR:120
  • AGI:90-100
  • VIT:90-100
  • INT:1~80
  • DEX:100~120
  • LUK:1

A team-based (or dual-cliented) build that utilizes Banding to increase power and defense. The general build doesn't differ greatly from its solo Overbrand or Cannon Spear counterparts. However, Banded focused builds can also consider the Hesperus Lit and/or Genesis Ray skills to add additional options that require, at least, three and two Royal Guards, respectively.

Banding's HP sharing can be a blessing or hindrance that depends on the average Max HP of all participants. In addition, each RG must be within a 7x7 radius of each other to benefit from the effects. This can require some coordination, though the combined effort of multiple Royal Guards can lead to powerful damage and tactics.

Reflect Damage Build

Note: Though doable, this build is outdated from revised skill mechanics

  • STR:50
  • AGI:1
  • VIT:100-120
  • INT:100-120
  • DEX:50
  • LUK:1

Formerly a popular build, mainly centering on Reflect Damage. The main requirements needed for this build were SP and Kaahi from a Soul Linker to heal from normal attacks. A good SP pool was necessary to keep Reflect Damage from deactivating too quickly. Equipment for this build relied on autocasted skills and effects, such as CD in Mouth, Ring of Flame Lord, and Moonlight Dagger. The post-balance update saw Reflect Damage receive a capped number of reflects, an 80% chance to reflect at max level, along with removing its ability to reflect magic and ranged attacks. Furthermore, the amount one can reflect was restricted by one's Max HP and there are instances where Reflect Damage and Shield Reflect are disabled to prevent abuse.



  • 1422.png Hunting Spear [1] Pierces DEF of Brute targets. Good spear for Overbrand and Exceed Break. Malangdo Enchantable.
  • 1443.png Crimson Spear [2] Crimson Spears usually require a moderate to high refine for best results, moreso than other spears. Since they can be a variety of elements, notably Holy and Shadow, having a group of them can be a good idea to cover options.
  • 1433.png Imperial Spear [1] Good overall spear with High ATK and Weapon Level 3, having bonuses for Vanishing Point and Cannon Spear. Malangdo Enchantable.
  • 1449.png Gelerdria [3] Great for killing specific types of MVPs. Note: MUST be paired with Storm Stone for such results.








Tip: It's good to prioritize range modifiers because it will grant your gear/s more flexibility for the other classes.



NOTE: Any Accessories that has any form Attack boost can be used for MVP Killer Oriented Royal Guards.

  • 2910.png Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo The bonus ASPD % and damage greatly improves your Vanishing Point DPS (Damage Per Second).
  • 2990.png Pendant of Harmony A good utility substitute accessory when out of combat. (2 Harmonies Can Stack, and grants you 50% HP/SP Regen per Pendant)
  • 2991.png Pendant of Chaos Good alternatives for Non-Bako Tattoo Royal Guard users. Give's also +5% Resistance to Shadow Property as bonus (For OGH)
  • 28521.png Giant's Protection [1] Gives a high attack damage boost that compliments the 120 Str needed for the Tengu Set/Temporal STR Boots.

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
Moon Slasher.png Moon Slasher
Damages surrounding enemies and forces them to sit. 5 Offensive
Exceed Break.png Exceed Break
Gather all of your strength into the tip of your weapon and strike once for great damage. 5 Offensive
Cannon Spear.png Cannon Spear
Attack all enemies in a 3 cell radius of an 11 cell line from the caster. 5 Offensive
Vanishing Point.png Vanishing Point
Attack an enemy within seven cells of the caster. 10 Offensive
Pinpoint Attack.png Pinpoint Attack
Rush against and strike a target's vital spot for a chance to break their armor or inflict a negative effect. 5 Offensive
Overbrand.png Overbrand
Brand all enemies six cells in front of the caster with a bloody cross and smash them into obstacles for large damage. 5 Offensive
Vanguard Force.png Vanguard Force
Increases the caster's defense, Max HP, and number of wrath counters when receiving damage. 5 Supportive
Burst Attack.png Burst Attack
Release all wrath counters onto a single enemy to deal damage. 1 Offensive
Banding.png Banding
Increases attack and defense and shares HP with any partied Royal Guards in range with the skill activated. 5 Supportive
Trample.png Trample
Tramples the ground to attempt to destroy any traps surrounding the user. 3 Active
Prestige.png Prestige
Increases defense rate and gives a chance to avoid magic attacks for a short while. 5 Supportive
Hesperus Lit.png Hesperus Lit
Royal Guards under the effect of Banding or Inspiration strike an enemy for large damage. 5 Offensive
Piety.png Piety
Blesses surrounding party members' armor with the Holy element. 5 Supportive
Genesis Ray.png Genesis Ray
Royal Guards under the effect of Banding or Inspiration cast a powerful Holy element ray which may blind Demon or Undead monsters. 10 Offensive
Reflect Damage.png Reflect Damage
Reflects physical damage received to surrounding enemies. 5 Supportive
Earth Drive.png Earth Drive
Slams the ground with your shield to deal Earth property damage to surrounding enemies. 5 Offensive
Shield Spell.png Shield Spell
Casts random magic based on the shield of the caster. 3 Supportive
Inspiration.png Inspiration
Increases accuracy, stats, ATK, Max HP, and remove and protect against negative status effects for the duration of the skill. 5 Supportive
Shield Press.png Shield Press
Slams the shield to deal physical damage to a single enemy. 10 Offensive
King's Grace.png King's Grace
Bestow royal blessings to the caster and allies around the caster to recover HP and protect against status effects and damage. 5 Supportive
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 5 Active

Job Bonuses

The job levels in which a Royal Guard receives a certain bonus:

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 4 13 30 40 45 48 58
AGI 23 34 51
VIT 2 9 27 41 42 53 59
INT 3 5 11 19 24 26 37 38 46 60
DEX 6 14 20 31 44 49 56
LUK 16 33 54


Equip Attack Speed From 2nd Class
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -5 0
Dagger -7 +1
Sword (One Handed) -5 −2
Sword (Two Handed) -9 +6
Axe (One Handed) -8 +2
Axe (Two Handed) -12 +3
Mace -4 +1
Spear (One Handed) -10 +3
Spear (Two Handed) -10 +2
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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