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High Wizard
High Wizard.png
Job Base(s): Wizard
Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent
Job Level: 70
Race: Human
Changes At: Juno
Number of Skills: 34
Total Skill Points: 254
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+3 +8 +5 +17 +9 +3



The Mage and the Wizard have been able to tap into mystical and elemental magic but the real power is now fully realized in the spells mastered by the High Wizard. Only a fool would dare challenge the awesome might of a High Wizard's power head on!

A High Wizard has much more power than a regular Wizard, and at a much earlier level as well. Unlike the Wizard, it has Mystical Amplification, which will give 50% more MATK on the next offensive magic skill to be cast. This grants a High Wizard a lot more power early on, and has about equal the strength of a level 99 Wizard in their early 80's, maybe even a little earlier. With that skill, they can level in Magma Dungeon immediately with Priest without worry of having too little MATK.

Ganbantein, and Gravitational Field prove to be very useful in WoE situations, whereas if there's too many of a certain element going on, or the precast breakers seem to be getting in, you can use Gravitational Field to get much more damage than casting any of your other spells, since the damage cannot be negated, and always does the same amount.

Ganbantein also has other uses in WoE. It can cancel many different spells that are cast on the ground. Such spells include Pneuma, Safety Wall, Battle Chant, and Warp Portal. It rips holes in the Sage class' ground spells as well, so it's good for stopping a Sage or Scholar from getting their Magnetic Earth to work as they desired it to.

Napalm Vulcan has a 25% chance of cursing at max level, and has 5 levels. Very good for cursing opponents in precasts, or just to buy time in general to help some killers get to the tanks in time to stop them, since it has splash damage.

Soul Drain allows the player to increase current Max SP by 20%, and every time a target is killed (monster) with a single target spell, player will restore SP equal to a certain percentage of that monster's SP. This basically allows the class to have infinite SP stacked on to the High Wizard's already really fast SP recovery rate.

Stave Crasher is a very promising skill. This skill does a physical attack based on the High Wizard's MATK. The higher the MATK, the more damage. Since it counts as a physical attack, card effects and any other effects that come from doing physical attacks will work with this skill. You can pass on status effects, divest people in the near future, break their equipment, etc. Definitely a nice skill to have.

Job Change Guide

High Wizard classchange 0.gif

To become a High Wizard, you must find a book called 'the Book of Ymir' in 'Sage Castle', Juno. The book will lead you to Valhalla so you can change your job through the High Wizard Job NPC. Also you must reach Job Level 50 as a Transcendent 1st class character.

Trans classchange 1.gif Trans classchange 2.gif
1. 'Sage Castle' is located at 11 o'clock direction (yuno 88,320) in Juno. 2. 'Book of Ymir' is located inside a room behind an NPC called 'Metheus Sylphe' (yuno_in02 88,164).
Trans classchange 3.gif High Wizard classchange 4.gif
3. 'Book of Ymir' (yuno_in02 94,206) will teleport you to Valhalla. 4. Find and talk to the Job NPC suited to your 2nd class.


See Warlock Builds for build strategies to work towards. See Wizard Builds for leveling strategies for just the High Wizard leveling stages. Leveling a High Wizard is similar to a regular pre-trans Wizard, but with a few new skill additions.

New Skills Overview:

Mystical Amplification.png Mystical Amplification: This is a must have, as it drastically increases damage output.

Soul Drain.png Soul Drain: This skill is useful to have for soloing without a Priest to use Magnificat. Although SP is generally not a problem for Wizard classes, it iss still worth the investment in points.

Ganbantein.png Ganbantein: Mostly only used in WoE as a Warlock, and even then it's debatable how useful this skill is. Generally not recommended to acquire this skill.

Napalm Vulcan.png Napalm Vulcan: Mostly a "for-fun" skill. The damage is low, but it has a chance of slowing down a single targetted enemy.

Gravitational Field.png Gravitational Field: A small AoE, but with the right gears, this skill can deal massive damage.

Stave Crasher.png Stave Crasher: Generally not effective.


Eden Group Equipments Quests

Main article: Eden Group Equipments Quests

Most transcendent characters will have already completed some Eden Equipment quests already and can reuse the equipment. If the character has not done the quest yet, they can do it as a transcendent character as well. The Staff is a good weapon and generally a good choice for a Wizard and their future classes' use.

General Equipment Recommendations

Main article: Equipment

The Equipment article lists some general all purpose equipment that is useful through the PVM phase and also for endgame use as well.

Third Class Compatible Equipment

Main article: Warlock Equipment

It is recommended to look at the Equipment recommendations for the Third Class job to see what equipment to strive for, rather than to spend a lot of money on a piece of equipment that will not be used in the future as a third class. However, some equipment may have a high level requirement, or are transcendent only.


After considering what requirement skills have (some skills can only be used with certain weapon types), the Weapon Search tool within the iRO Wiki DB site is very helpful. Generally, for physical classes (both melee and ranged), something with high ATK is best. For magic classes, something with high MATK is best.

Link to the iRO Wiki DB Weapon Search: http://db.irowiki.org/db/weapon-search/

One-handed staffs:

  • 1637.png Eraser (MATK +170, INT +3, DEX +2, SP recovery +8%, small chance to drain SP of enemies by 20% in an 11x11 area around you upon magically attacking; if +10 or higher, area becomes 19x19 and drains 60% of SP instead)
  • 1615.png Evil Bone Wand (MATK +110, INT +4, additional bonuses when worn with Skull Cap [1] and with refine)
  • 1640.png Glorious Arc Wand (MATK +135, +15% MATK against Demi-human enemies, +25% MDEF bypassing against Demi-human enemies, indestructible, additional bonuses with refine)
  • 1646.png La'cryma Stick [2] (MATK +180, INT +4, additional bonuses with refine)
  • 1624.png Lich's Bone Wand [2] (MATK +170, INT +1, DEX +1, chance to curse all enemies on screen when taking physical damage, additional bonuses with refine)
  • 1626.png Piercing Staff (MATK +145, INT +4, +10% MDEF bypassing, increase MDEF bypassing by refine level)
  • 1648.png Staff of Bordeaux (MATK +175, INT +2, DEX +1)
  • 1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness (MATK +160, INT +3, DEX +3, each refine level adds MDEF bypassing to magical attacks and reduces after-cast delay of skills, additional bonuses when worn with Skull Cap [1])

Two-handed staffs:

  • 2002.png Glorious Destruction Staff (MATK +210, +15% MATK against Demi-human enemies, +25% MDEF bypassing against Demi-human enemies, indestructible, additional bonuses with refine)
  • 2004.png Kronos (MATK +240, INT +3, MaxHP +300, additional bonuses with refine, add +12% MATK and SP cost +20% for 5 seconds by chance after using a magical attack)
  • 2000.png Staff of Destruction [1] (MATK +280, INT +3, AGI +10, -50% cast time of Mystical Amplification, increases MATK and SP cost of skills by refine level, chance to auto-cast Level 5 Jupitel Thunder when receiving physical damage; this chance increases with higher refine level)







  • 5363.png Abysmal Knight Helm [1] (DEF +12, -10% damage from Demi-human enemies, -10% damage from Boss monsters)
  • 5745.png Capricorn Diadem (DEF +6, MDEF +5, DEX +2; if +7 or higher, INT +2; if +8 or higher, -3% cast time of skills; if +9 or higher, +4% effectiveness of healing skills; if +10 or higher, chance of using Level 5 Hammer Fall when physically attacked)
  • 18600.png Cat Ear Beret [1] (DEF +5, if +5 or higher, +2% physical damage to and -2% physical damage from Demi-Human enemies per refine level)
  • 5211.png Dress Hat [1] (DEF +3, MDEF +7, STR +1, INT +1, ATK +2%, MATK +2%, +5% effectiveness of healing skills; if +7, additional ATK +1%, MATK +1%, +1% effectiveness of healing skills)
  • 5210.png Flapping Angel Wing (DEF +3, AGI +1, INT +1, ASPD +3%, -3% variable cast time of skills)
  • 18508.png Garuda Hat [1] (DEF +4, LUK +5, hit +10, -5% damage from all elements, -5% variable cast time of skills)
  • 5569.png Gemini Diadem (DEF +6, MATK +2%; if +7 or higher, MDEF +7, additional MATK +8%, -5% damage from Wind attacks)
  • 5372.png Koneko Hat (DEF +3, MDEF +3, MaxSP +3%, MATK +3%, -3% skill after-cast delay)
  • 5662.png Libra Crown (DEF +6, DEX +3, -7% damage from Wind attacks; if +7 or higher, MATK +3%; if +9 or higher, additional MATK +5%, chance of using Level 5 Frost Nova when physically attacked)
  • 5138.png Magic Eyes (DEF +3, MDEF +5, -10% variable cast time of skills, +20% SP cost of skills)
  • 5226.png Mini Propeller (DEF +4, AGI +2, DEX +1, flee +10, -1% variable cast time of skills per refine level)
  • 5457.png Moon Rabbit Hat [1] (DEF +2, ATK +5%, MATK +5%; for each upgrade past +5, additional ATK +1%, MATK +1%)
  • 5126.png Morpheus's Hood (DEF +3, INT +2; when worn with Morpheus's Shawl, Morpheus's Ring, and Morpheus's Bracelet, INT +5, MDEF +11, MaxSP +20%, cast cannot be interrupted at the cost of +25% variable cast time of skills
  • 5442.png Necktie [1] (DEF +6, VIT +1, hit -5, +5% SP cost of skills; when worn with Blush, -3% variable cast time of skills, ASPD +3%)
  • 5286.png Pecopeco Hairband (DEF +6, increase movement speed, ASPD -10%, +25% variable cast time of skills)
  • 5495.png Power of Thor [1] (DEF +5, MDEF +3, INT +1, DEX +1, -7% damage from Wind attacks; if +8 or higher, low chance of +40 ATK for 6 seconds when physically attacking, low chance of +40 MATK for 6 seconds when magically attacking)
  • 18601.png Red Pom Band [1] (MDEF +5; if +5 or higher, +2% magical damage to and -2% magical damage from Demi-Human enemies per refine level)
  • 5690.png Red Wing Hat [1] (STR +1, INT +1, DEX +1; if +7 or higher, ATK +2%, MATK +2%; if +9 or higher, additional ATK +2%, MATK +2%)
  • 5740.png Sagittarius Diadem (DEF +6, MDEF +3, DEX +2, -7% damage from Fire attacks; if +7 or higher, -3% cast time of skills; if +8 or higher, chance of auto-casting Level 1 Sightrasher when magically attacking; if +9 or higher, additional -2% cast time of skills; if +10 or higher, MATK +4%)
  • 18539.png Skull Cap [1] (DEF +5, MATK +2%; if +5 or higher, additional MATK +3%; if +7 or higher, additional MATK +3%; when worn with Elven Ears (or Elven Ears [1], -3% SP cost of skills; when worn with Evil Bone Wand or Thorn Staff of Darkness, MATK +10*(refine level of weapon), if weapon is +10 or higher, -10% variable cast time of skills)
  • 5379.png Tam [1] (MATK +2%, additional MATK +1% per every two refine levels)
  • 5123.png Ulle's Cap [1] (DEF +6, AGI +1, DEX +2; when worn with Odin's Blessing [1], if base DEX is 70 or higher, -10% SP cost of skills)
  • 18656.png Witch's Pumpkin Hat (DEF +10, MDEF +10, STR +2, INT +2, +15% damage to Undead and Demon monsters; when worn with Gozarian Mask, ATK +30, MATK +30, chance of Pumpkin Pie, Well-baked Cookie, Candy, or Candy Cane dropping when killing a monster)

Upper, Middle:

  • 5564.png Crown of Deceit [1] (DEF +3, MDEF +10, INT +4, -10% variable cast time of skills; if +7 or higher, DEF +2, MATK +5%, additional -5% variable cast time of skills; if +9 or higher, MDEF +5, additional MATK +5%, additional -5% variable cast time of skills, -5% skill after-cast delay)
  • 5568.png Rabbit Bonnet [1] (DEF +10, ATK +10, MATK +10, -3% damage from Demi-human enemies, -3% skill after-cast delay; if +7 or higher, -5% damage from all elements)
  • 5520.png Rabbit Earmuffs [1] (ATK +4%, MATK +4%)


Middle, Lower:











  • 4409.png Agav Card (MATK +5%, DEF -10; if Mage class, SP +100)
  • 4054.png Angeling Card (enchant armor with Holy property—+25% damage from Shadow attacks, -100% damage from Holy attacks, -25% damage from Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Ghost attacks)
  • 4450.png Banshee Master Card (INT +1, MATK +10)
  • 4061.png Cornutus Card (make armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts), DEF +1)
  • 4391.png Dame of Sentinel Card (for every 18 base VIT, DEX +1)
  • 4181.png Disguise Card (3% chance of inflicting Silence on the attacker when receiving physical damage; if base VIT is 77 or higher, chance increases to 9%)
  • 4141.png Evil Druid Card (enchant armor with Undead property—+25% damage from Fire attacks, +50% damage from Holy attacks, -100% damage from Undead attacks, -125% damage from Shadow and Poison attacks (they will heal you), immune to Frozen, Stone Curse, and Provoke statuses, immune to Fire Wall knock back; INT +1, DEF +1)
  • 4047.png Ghostring Card (enchant armor with Ghost property—+25% damage from Ghost attacks, -30% damage from Neutral attacks; HP recovery -25%)
  • 4191.png Loli Ruri Card (5% chance of auto-casting Level 3 Heal on the user when receiving physical damage; additional bonuses when worn with Parasite Card, Miyabi Doll Card, Evil Nymph Card, Harpy Card, and Bloody Butterfly Card)
  • 4105.png Marc Card (immune to Frozen status, reduce damage from Water property attacks by 5%)
  • 4338.png Obsidian Card (for every 18 base DEX, VIT +1)
  • 4031.png Pecopeco Card (MaxHP +10%; additional bonuses when worn with Grand Peco Card)
  • 4315.png Pest Card (3% chance of inflicting Stone Curse on the attacker when receiving physical damage; if base INT is 77 or higher, chance increases to 9%)
  • 4194.png Rybio Card (3% chance of inflicting Stun on the attacker when receiving physical damage; if base DEX is 77 or higher, chance increases to 9%)





  • 2122.png Platinum Shield (DEF +95, MDEF +5, -15% damage from Medium and Large enemies, -10% damage from Undead monsters, 15% chance of auto-casting Level 7 Magic Mirror when magically attacked)
  • 2114.png Stone Buckler [1] (DEF +45, -5% damage from Large monsters)




  • 4253.png Alice Card (-40% damage from Boss monsters, +40% damage from non-Boss monsters (including Boss slaves))
















Class Data


For more information about Wizard skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Ganbantein.png Ganbantein
Casts a spell that has an 80% chance to cancel ground targeting magic around the spot targeted by the caster. 1 Supportive
Gravitational Field.png Gravitational Field
Inflicts Neutral property magic damage to all enemies in a 5x5 area around the targeted location. 5 Offensive
Mystical Amplification.png Mystical Amplification
Amplifies the magic attack strength of the next spell used by up to 50%. 10 Supportive
Napalm Vulcan.png Napalm Vulcan
Deals Ghost elemental damage to every enemy within a 3x3 area of the target. 5 Offensive
Soul Drain.png Soul Drain
Restores SP whenever a monster is killed with a single-target spell. 10 Passive
Stave Crasher.png Stave Crasher
Deal physical damage to an enemy with an equipped weapon. 1 Offensive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17
STR 20 40 60
AGI 8 18 26 34 50 56 65 69
VIT 3 29 47 53 66
INT 1 5 10 14 19 24 28 32 37 38 39 46 49 55 59 62 70
DEX 2 9 17 22 23 31 43 61 67
LUK 12 39 57


ASPD values do not change after transcending. See Wizard (ASPD).

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