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Arch Bishop
Arch Bishop.png
Job Base(s): Priest
High Priest
Job Type: 3-1
Race: Human
Changes At: Prontera Sanctuary
Number of Skills: 19
Total Skill Points: 104
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +5 +7 +10 +7 +2


Arch Bishop.jpg

Arch Bishops are the pinnacle of the Priest classes. Their names are often abbreviated and referred to as "AB". They have a wide variety of skills at their disposal allowing them to better support large parties while striking down a greater range of enemies with Holy magic.

Job Change Guide

See Arch Bishop Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Arch Bishop from a Priest or High Priest requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • A Holy Pilgrimage
  • A Prayer for the blessing of the Gods
  • Granting relief to a tormented Valkyrie

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Arch Bishop. The journey begins in the Prontera Sanctuary!


There are 5 primary types of builds for Arch Bishops – Full Support, ME Spammer, Adoramus Caster, Battle/Melee and Hybrid Support. Thanks to Renewal mechanics players are now afforded a higher degree of flexibility with these builds, enabling them to tailor each build to their specific playing style with greater ease.

Full Support (FS) Type

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: varies
  • VIT: 95+
  • INT: 92-120
  • DEX: 120
  • LUK: 1, 77, or 60-100 (Arc Angeling Card is amazing for FS Arch Bishops due to the SP regen, but requires 77 LUK)

The full support build is a classic option that places its focus on keeping the party alive and going. Thanks to Renewal mechanics and a greater number of available stat points, players are no longer forced to decide between a DEX-oriented or VIT-oriented build. INT and VIT are still the primary stats here, affecting Max HP, Heal amount, and ailment resistance. Due to the way MATK is now calculated, LUK both plays a role in boosting Heal amount and provides resistance to Curse and Stone Curse. DEX is useful for reducing variable cast time. As with all FS builds STR is only used to boost weight capacity. Sacrament is the defining skill of a FS Arch Bishop.

A focused completely FS Arch Bishop will opt to get Clearance. However, instead of Clearance, an Arch Bishop may choose to get Adoramus to handle some solo single-target hunting. It is possible to have both Sacrament and Adoramus at job 50, but the Arch Bishop will miss out on Clearance and higher levels of other support skills.

ME Spammer

  • STR: 1-30
  • AGI: 1-30
  • VIT: varies (typically 50+, 95 for stun immunity)
  • INT: 92-120
  • DEX: 80-100
  • LUK: 80-100

This build is a continuation from the Priest/High Priest Magnus Exorcismus (ME) build, as ME is the only true solo leveling skill for Priests / Arch Bishops since it is the only skill with significant AOE damage. With Judex and Adoramus, ME ABs can now handle non-undead and non-demon monsters. Due to the high cast time of ME, this build requires high DEX. Sacrament is very useful for reducing the final cast time of ME, while INT and LUK are used to boost MATK. STR is useful for weight capacity, while VIT is used for boosting max HP.

Due to the large number of skill points required to get both Adoramus and Sacrament, it reaches its full potential near the end of the leveling stage and quite close to job 50. ME ABs can opt for Adoramus first instead of Sacrament for the PvM environment, however Sacrament is still needed for those wishing to round out their capabilities supporting parties both in and out of WoE. Judex is the natural evolution of Holy Light for ME ABs, and is effective on small mobs due to the small AoE and quick cast time.

Additionally, marrying an ME AB to a Soul Linker provides Kaahi to improve survivability of the ME AB and can also include Priest Spirit for boosting Holy Light.

Adoramus Caster Type

With the new 175/60 patch update, it gives new way on how we Archbishops can be played and of course, one of the playstyles available for AB class is the Adoramus Caster path. A continuation from the ME Caster path, ABs can now cast the deadly skill Adoramus. Basically, Adoramus is a single target-multiple strike skill which can insta-kill some monsters and even players, can can even be used offensively in WOE/PvP (although it is not encouraged). Adoramus is a fearful skill as it can even kill players(with the right equipment and buff and et cetera, though enemy gears and buffs should be taken into account), and also gives debuff when it hit players/monsters, which are Dec Agi and Blindness.

Wearing the Full Judgement Set with Empowered Mace of Judgement will bring out the full potential of an Adoramus AB, but depending on the situation of the fight, it would be best to many equips with you in order to adapt to the situation.

Stat option No.1

  • STR: 0-25 ( Opt to have to carry more Blue Gems, +20 Stats Foods or leave it at 0 with the cost of using Weightlifter )
  • AGI: 0-30 ( Opt to have to reduce the animation delay, ASPD and flee rate )
  • VIT: 100 and above ( Can be opt till 120 for Temporal VIT boot bonus, but there are multiple choice to increase HP out there )
  • INT: 110-120 ( Opt to have this for Temporal INT boot bonus, or can be traded for DEX instead )
  • DEX: 110-120 ( Opt to have this for Temporal DEX boot bonus, or can be traded for INT instead )
  • LUK: 0-77,100 ( 100% HP/SP regen when base LUK has 77 or higher( AA card ), gain bonuses when LUK achieve 100 and higher )
    • Note that the stats and skills allocated in the tables below are just examples, and can be re-allocated depending on your playstyle and what you prefer to get first.
Stats Level 99/70 Level 125/30+ Level 150/50+ Level 175/60
STR 0 0 0 0~24
AGI 0 0 0 25
VIT 60 90 97 100
INT 90 103 120 120
DEX 90 100 100 120
LUK 0 30 61 77

Stat option No.2 with the use of 28565.png Perverse Demon Mask [1]

  • STR: 108 ( 90% mdef penetrate, add int plus more gems! )
  • AGI: 36 ( reduce animation delay, ASPD , flee rate and Perfect Dodge )
  • VIT: 90 ( + bonus VIT for stun immunity, also reduce var.cast time)
  • DEX: 120 ( Opt to have this for Temporal DEX boot bonus plus added VIT and max HP% )
  • INT: 120 ( for MATK and if you're using Mob Scarf )
  • LUK: 36 ( just extra points )

Adoramus AB Skills

Skills Points Skills Points Skills Points Skills Points
Divine Protection.png Divine Protection
Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison
Safety Wall.png Safety Wall
Duple Light.png Duple Light
Heal.png Heal
Magnificat.png Magnificat
Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
Renovatio.png Renovatio
Increase AGI.png Increase AGI
Status Recovery.png Status Recovery
Magnus Exorcismus.png Magnus Exorcismus
Adoramus.png Adoramus
Blessing.png Blessing
Resurrection.png Resurrection
Meditatio.png Meditatio
High Heal.png High Heal
Angelus.png Angelus
Increase SP Recovery.png Increase SP Recovery
Cantocandidus.png Cantocandidus
Oratio.png Oratio
Aqua Benedicta.png Aqua Benedicta
Lex Divina.png Lex Divina
Clementia.png Clementia
Expiatio.png Expiatio
Ruwach.png Ruwach
Lex Aeterna.png Lex Aeterna
Coluseo Heal.png Coluseo Heal
Sacrament.png Sacrament
Teleport.png Teleport
Impositio Manus.png Impositio Manus
Praefatio.png Praefatio
Epiclesis.png Epiclesis
Warp Portal.png Warp Portal
Sanctuary.png Sanctuary
Judex.png Judex
Pneuma.png Pneuma
Aspersio.png Aspersio
Ancilla.png Ancilla
Cure.png Cure

Battle/Melee Type

  • STR: 70-100
  • AGI: 90-120
  • VIT: 50-95
  • INT: varies
  • DEX: 40-60
  • LUK: 60-90+

Continuing the classic hard-hitting, Mace-swinging Battle Priest build, this build is for the player who wants to break the mold and try something different with the Arch Bishop. Thanks to Renewal mechanics, Mace and Book weapons don't have any ASPD penalty, meaning high AGI makes this build extremely effective while also providing a Flee-based defense similar to the Thief classes.

Focusing on solo hunting, Duple Light and Mace Mastery (Priest/High Priest) are must have skills for this build. Battle ABs will deal more damage per second than their Priest and High Priest counterparts, while using high Critical rates, weapon buffs (Impositio Manus, Aspersio, Endows, etc.), and ASPD buffs to send that damage even higher.

Due to the flexibility of this build, weapon selection largely influences the Battle AB’s final stats. If using a Book as the primary weapon, this build will want higher INT due to the MATK boost from Duple Light. If using a Mace, high STR will be the primary focus. High AGI is useful to raise ASPD regardless of weapon type due to the use of Duple Light. When using maces, the Blacksmith skill Adrenaline Rush can further boost ASPD.

Do note that because this build does not have an effective AOE, it is impossible to level up with this build when solo hunting. It is generally regarded as a more "for fun" type of build, although it is possible to kill lower tier MVPs with this build. Certain Acolytes or High Priests may opt for a battle build while leveling up but can do a STAT / skill reset when they are higher, or high level enough to find parties. It is recommended to have support skills and INT to act as a hybrid support build for parties.

In iRO, with the recent Bounty Board Quests update almost all monsters listed can be effectively grinded by Battle type up to level 135. By this time, if player can invest few INT/VIT for small support combining solo and party leveling will makes leveling faster.


  • ASPD: Focuses on maximizing ASPD through high AGI and gears/cards and ATK through high STR to boost DPS at the cost of defense and support.
  • Critical: This type uses a high Critical rate to boost damage dealt, however it is more gear/card dependent. Going this route limits the player to weapon choices like Encyclopedia, Veteran Hammer or Spike. Critical-boosting stat foods and Gloria are essential here.
  • Hindsight/Auto Cast: This build takes advantage of the MATK boost from Duple Light, however it is extremely restrictive in terms of gear, requiring auto-cast equipment (Ring of flame lord, Kasa card, Snake hat/Chick Hat, Lady Solace/Baphomet Card, etc.). With the right gear and high ASPD, this build can dish out a high amount of damage over a short period of time.

Hybrid Support (HS) Type

  • STR: 30-50
  • AGI: 80-95
  • VIT: 95
  • INT: 92-100
  • DEX: 50-80
  • LUK: 70-100

This build is a mix of the FS and Battle builds. It is similar to the FS build but it differs in that it limits one of the higher stats to 100 so that the others can be raised. Using a Mace or Book and AGI-oriented equipment, HS AB can get 175+ ASPD and can kill monsters with Duple Light. Buffed with Adrenaline Rush, AGI-boosting stat foods and other ASPD boosting items, an ASPD of 185+ is possible. The high critical rate created by the LUK and the use of Gloria ensure that the HS AB can hold their own in a fight.

Thanks to the high INT, VIT and LUK of this build, HS-types can support nearly as well as a FS, giving them a much wider range of leveling options. High VIT and AGI provide for status resistance in WoE, and the higher ASPD and survivability creates a well-rounded offense and defense that can easily switch roles by binding different weapons to hotkeys. Hybrid Support builds focus on using Duple Light for leveling while getting Sacrament to help with Support and cast times.

With level 175 update, the hybrid type is not limited to FS and Battle anymore. In fact with combinations of expanded stats and skills it is now possible to combine all possible AB types from Battle, Support, Adoramus, and ME.


Party Menu Healing / Buffing

The most effective way to heal and buff a party is through the Party Menu (accessible through Alt + Z). Trying to heal a party by manually clicking players can become impossible when players become mobbed or are bunched up, and can lead to players dying. This is why it is strongly recommended to make use of the party menu. Another benefit to the party menu is the ability to monitor all players' health. Ensure that the "Lock Menu" feature is on (by clicking the picture of the lock) when using this system to avoid opening private messages when trying to heal / buff a player.


Party Assessment and Communication

Often when a party fails or is not doing well, the blame can be put onto the Priest class. This can be an unfair judgement and the fault of it should not always be placed onto one person. Make sure a party is adequate before it even starts. Check to see if the party has at least one or two effective AoE killers, and at least one dedicated primary tank. For newer / less geared Arch Bishops or tougher battle situations, sometimes having another person also playing Arch Bishop is very nice as well. Communicating to the party or party leader is key here.

Here is a breakdown of a standard setup of an effective party:

Healer / Primary Support:

  • One Arch Bishop (two recommended, three can be nice too)

AoE Killer(s):


  • Suras with Mental Strength provides the best reduction, but has a slower walking speed
    • Some Suras using equipment with a lot of % reduction and also using many Healing Items may opt for using Snap to drag and tank monsters quickly
  • Royal Guards and Rune Knights, typically wearing reduction gears and also using Healing Items
  • Geneticists with a Sera Homunculus with the Pain Killer Homunculus skill are amazing tanks in PVM. Also can be cast on other people.
  • Guillotine Crosses can sometimes act as a "puller" to mob monsters for the party. Make sure they mob them onto another class that can tank or tank the monsters themselves, and do not let them mob the monsters into the party, especially the more squishy classes.
  • Any class has the capability to tank, provided they are wearing reduction gears and also have an adequate amount of healing items

Secondary Support:

  • Sorcerers are very popular in parties because of their ability to give SP to party members with Soul Exhale. Also has other useful support skills such as Striking.
  • Maestros using Magic Strings can increase the DPS of the party by quite a bit. Also very helpful for the Arch Bishop to cast skills faster and with less delay in between.
  • Wanderers with Gypsy's Kiss are great for party members to conserve SP. Sorcerers usually cannot replenish an Arch Bishop's SP pool fully because Soul Exhale only gives half of the Sorcerer's SP, so a Wanderer's Gypsy's Kiss is actually very good support for an Arch Bishop.

SP Conservation / Restoration

One of the biggest issues new priests have when playing the class is maintaining their SP. There are many ways for priests to ensure that they always have SP for those dire situations. These are some important methods on maintaining SP:

  • Always ensure that Magnificat is on at all times. This skill will not only keep a much higher regeneration rate of SP for the Priest, but also to the killers in the party that rely on SP for skill use as well. Keeping this buff up will make parties much smoother for everybody. Try not to wait until SP is bottoming out to cast this spell, because at that point it will already be too late.
  • Make use of the Assumptio (Transcendent only) or Kyrie Eleison (often abbreviated as "KE") skills. These skills are incredible for keeping people protected and will drastically save SP on healing in the long run. These skills can help fragile AoE killer classes such as Rangers or caster classes (Wizard / Sage) a lot. These defensive skills can also help the party tank quite a bit. Note that any character cannot have both buffs on at the same time. An Arch Bishop can also use Praefatio, which will give KE to all party members. If the Priest notices that certain party members are lagging behind, using KE on them will give them time and leeway to retreat back to where the party is.
  • Stack SP Regeneration or Max SP increase equipment. Gearing a Priest up with equipment that will increase their SP regeneration or SP pool will vastly help a player to maintain SP at all times.
  • Always have SP regeneration consumables on hand. All players should have SP consumables on hand at all times to regenerate SP, at least in emergencies, and this includes Priests as well. As most classes should have HP healing items of some sort on them at all times, Priests should also have SP rejuvenating items on them.

Some common items that can be easily obtained for SP regeneration include:

578.png Strawberry

Easily farmed off Spores or Yoyos, or bought from Vendors

505.png Blue Potion

Can be made by Alchemists or purchased from Vendors

510.png Blue Herb

Can be farmed off Mavkas for high drop rate. Can be turned into potions by Alchemists.

533.png Grape Juice

Farmed off Dragon Flies. Can also be made with the Juice Quest

526.png Royal Jelly

Farmed off Enchanted Peach Trees and Vitatas

582.png Orange

Farmed off Baby Desert Wolves, Peco Pecos, Condors

12135.png Green Ale

Usually only available through holiday quests. Recovers a fixed % amount of SP and HP. Can also be purchased off Vendors.

Primary Arch Bishop Skills and Usage

There are several skills that every Arch Bishop should have to be a successful support class for their party.

Clementia: AoE party Blessing, should be kept up at all times.

Cantocandidus: AoE party Increase Agility, should also be kept up at all times.

Sacrament: The single most important buff that Arch Bishops have. It reduces fixed cast time by 50% and should be casted onto the Arch Bishop themselves at all times. In PVM situations, prioritize Warlocks, Sorcerers with this skill in typical party situations. This is also useful for Suras for quickly re-casting Mental Strength and Zen, good if a Rune Knight is using Dragon Breath to help kill for the party, and for Royal Guards using Sacrifice. For MVPs, the Geneticist, Sura, and Rune Knight classes must always be buffed with Sacrament.

Coluseo Heal: AoE Heal with a boosted rate based on number of party members. It is very useful but can be SP consuming; it should be used scrupulously as needed.

As an extension to the Priest class, Arch Bishops still rely on some first and second class skills in order to maximize efficiency and conserve SP.

Meditatio: This skill should be maxed. Increases the player's Maximum SP and SP regeneration rate. Meditatio also increases the amount of HP that is restored using the Heal skill.

Heal: cheaper to use than High Heal and good when a party member has taken only very little damage.

Magnificat: Priests rely on this heavily for SP regeneration.

Resurrection: Mandatory for PVM / MVP party situations, as deaths are inevitable. Always have this skill maxed for instant resurrection.

Some Useful Tips

Arch Bishops should remember that Lex Aeterna loses its rather long after-cast delay if used under the effect of Magic Strings, to the point when it can be constantly casted. This is a great way to double the damage output of parties, especially in single target situations such as MVPs.

Some skills in the priests arsenal may not serve a strong use while still leveling as a Priest, but many may have uses in MVP situations or other specific scenarios. These should be hotkeyed as well, and often an Arch Bishop will have all four rows of hotkeys used up. Some of these include:

Pneuma: a very powerful and necessary skill for Endless Tower runs as well as when fighting ranged mobs within a party. Certain ranged mobs and ranged skills are very powerful and this spell can save players a lot of stress. Make sure the party members are positioned correctly. Nine people can actually fit into one Pneuma's area of effect!

Aspersio: This skill will greatly improves a party member's physical damage when the monsters are weak to the Holy element, as they are.

Status Recovery and Cure: Priests must pay attention to debuffs used by monsters and should use the two skills on their party members accordingly.

Sanctuary: This spell has great healing power for a low SP cost (but uses one blue gemstone). Heavily recommended to have this skill at level 7, as that already provides the maximum healing power already (8-10 is just longer duration).



Best Carded with:


Valk's Shield are good, especially carded with elemental card, to reduces elemental damages received, though you might wanna plan first before going through instances/fight

Adds a 10% chance that for 2 seconds there is a 60% chance to reflect all magic damage back to the attacker. If refined to +7 or higher, adds an additional Atk +5, Matk +5. If refined to +9 or higher, adds an additional Atk +15, Matk +15. If refined to +12 or higher, adds Crit +10 and prevents skill casting from being interrupted.

Best carded with Alice, Neo Punk Card and big ben card ignores 50% of Formless and Demon monster's Magic Defense Rate, Hodremlin and Elemental Reduc cards. Also you can use nightmare arclouse and nightmare mimic card to ignore 50% magic defense Undead monsters.


  • 15204.png Abyss Dress - At +9 or higher Increases physical and magical damage on Shadow and Undead property as well as Demon and Undead race targets by 40%, Shadow element
  • 15169.png Kardui Robe [1] - Armor against demi-human, great for bio4 leveling. Best carded with 4054.png Angeling Card if refined to +9
  • 15205.png Medical Scrub [1] - Greatly increase DEF, reduce cast delay, improve recovery rate of skills and increases incoming recovery skills.
  • 15072.png Nectar Suit [1] - Max HP + 1% and Max SP + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Vit +3
  • 2365.png Orleans' Gown [1] - Makes your cast uninterruptible at the cost of increasing Cast Time by 15%.
  • 15074.png Geffen Magic Robe [1] - Enhanced Orleans' Gown.
  • 2374.png Diabolus Robe [1] - Adds SP.
  • 2383.png Brynhild - Godly item, only if you have access.

Can be carded with:


  • 19426.png King Of Spirit Circlet - At +10 or higher upgrade Bypass 100% MDef, Reduce Fixed Cast Time 70%, and Reduce Aftercast Delay 20%,
  • 19469.png Sacred Crown - At +10 or higher upgrade reduce the number of required Gemstones by one for most skills (Mistress card effect), +100% Adoramus and Judex damage, and if Clearance is level 5 +25% magic damage on bosses.
  • 5968.png Clergy Nurse Cap [1] - Increases healing rate and uninterruptible casting without any drawback. Combo with 1647.png Croce Staff [1] and 15166.png Rosary Necklace to greatly improve healing rate per refine level.
  • 18580.png Yggdrasil Crown - Largely increases healing rate on others and yourself (both apply when healing yourself!).
  • 18972.png Old Mitra [1] - All Stat + 1, Max HP + 1% and Max SP + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Atk + 4 and Matk + 2 per upgrade level of the item. Increases the damage of Judex by 20%, Increases the damage of Magnus Exorcismus by 10%, Increases the recovery rate of recovery skills by 2% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Mdef + 5
  • 18673.png Chibi Pope [1] - Increases healing effect on others, by a lot when combo with a 5040.png Blush or 18607.png Blush [1].
  • 18791.png Shrine Maiden Hat [1] - Increases Magnus Exorcismus damage
  • 5457.png Moon Rabbit Hat [1] - DEF +2, ATK +5%, MATK +5%; for each upgrade past +5, additional ATK +1%, MATK +1%.
  • 5564.png Crown of Deceit [1] - DEF +3, MDEF +10, INT +4, -10% variable cast time of skills; increased when refined to +7 and +9.
  • 18600.png Cat Ear Beret [1] - DEF +5, if +5 or higher, +2% physical damage to and -2% physical damage from Demi-Human enemies per refine level.
  • 5211.png Dress Hat [1] - ATK +2%, MATK +2%, +5% effectiveness of healing skills and +stats; additional ATK and MATK when refined to +7.
  • 5372.png Koneko Hat - DEF +3, MDEF +3, MaxSP +3%, MATK +3%, -3% skill after-cast delay
  • 18601.png Red Pom Band [1] - MDEF +5; if +5 or higher, +2% magical damage to and -2% magical damage from Demi-Human enemies per refine level.
  • 5568.png Rabbit Bonnet [1] - DEF +10, ATK +10, MATK +10, -3% damage from Demi-human enemies, -3% skill after-cast delay; if +7 or higher, -5% damage from all elements.
  • 18599.png Black Devil's Mask [1] - Slotted and +1 to all stats.
  • 18611.png Black Frame Glasses [1] - DEF +2, MDEF +2, INT +1.
  • 5362.png Ninja Scroll - MATK +1%.
  • 5574.png Well-Chewed Pencil - DEX +2, hit +3
  • 18917.png 99 Love Balloons - All Stats +1
  • 28502.png Mob Scarf and 2202.png Sunglasses [1] or 2201.png Sunglasses - Max HP + 5% for every combined sum of 80 base Agi and Vit. Matk + 120 for every combined sum of 80 base Int and Dex. Reduces the variable casting time of skills by 3% for every combined sum of 80 base Int and Dex.Increases the recovery rate of recovery skills by 10% for every combined sum of 80 base Int and Dex.

Best carded with:

  • 4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card - -1%*(refine level of compounded headgear) variable cast time of skills; if compounded headgear is +9 or higher, MATK +2%
  • 4269.png Incubus Card - INT -3, MaxSP +150, -20% SP recovery; when worn with, Succubus Card, INT +4, +30% SP recovery
  • 4241.png Arc Angeling Card - When base of LUK 77 or higher, 100% SP regen and HP regen, MHP+300


The best of the best, do consider to have at least a Nid's Shadow Garb if you can't afford the other 2;

Best carded with:

  • 4174.png Deviling Card - -50% damage from Neutral attacks, +50% damage from non-Neutral attacks.
  • 4133.png Raydric Card - -20% damage from Neutral attacks.
  • 4334.png Noxious Card - -10% damage from ranged attacks, -10% damage from Neutral attacks


  • 22120.png Shoes Of Punishment - At +7 or higher gives additional Matk + 10%, Holy property magical attacks + 10%. Combo with 1631.png Holy Stick [1] to greatly increase Adoramus and Judex damage and has further damage increases if points are allocated to required skills.
  • 22189.png Pilgrim Shoes - Reduces the global delay of skills by 6% per level of [Praefatio] known and Def + 50 per level of [Sacrament] known
  • 22170.png Survivor's Shoes - Combo with all types of Survival Rods to Bypass 50% MDef.
  • 22014.png Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] - Upgraded to have more DEF.
  • 22004.png Temporal Dex Boots [1] - Runaway Magic Enchant and Spell enchant work best.
  • 22009.png Temporal Int Boots [1] - Runaway Magic and Spell Enchant work best.

Can be carded with:

  • 4160.png Firelock Soldier Card - nice card for shoes/boots as it gives extra +MHP and +MSP at 9+ refine state.
  • 4378.png Gold Acidus Card - MaxHP and MaxSP +4%; if refined to no higher than +4, additional MaxHP and MaxSP +4%, +5% HP and SP recovery.
  • 4107.png Verit Card - MaxHP and MaxSP +8%


Class Data


See Priest Skills or High Priest Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time Cooldown (Cast Delay) Type
Adoramus.png Adoramus
Deals Holy magical damage to a single foe (MATK * 6~15 * (BaseLV / 100)), (4~40% + JobLV / 2) inflicts Blindness and reduces target's AGI by 3~12. 12 cells range. Consumes a Blue Gemstone unless adjacent to an Acolyte-class character. 10 20~56 0F + 2V 2 (0.5) Offensive
Ancilla.png Ancilla
Creates 1 Ancilla used for several other Arch Bishop skills. Ancilla recovers 15% SP when used.
Consumes a Blue Gemstone. Maximum of 3 Ancillas can be carried and are character bound.
1 30% 1 Active
Cantocandidus.png Cantocandidus
Casts Increase AGI (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3/7/15-cell radius around you. Additional +1 AGI per 10 JobLVs. 3 ?/?/240 1F + 3V Supportive
Clearance.png Clearance
Removes the following status ailments and status buffs from target monster or party member at 68~100% chance: Blind, Frozen, Stone, Bleeding, Stun, Chaos, Poison, Curse, Sleep, Silence, Hallucination, Guillotine Cross Poisons, Venom Impression, Fear, Rune Knight rune buffs, Burning, Freezing, Crystallization, White Imprison, Force of Vanguard, Blood Sucker, Mandragora Howling, Shadow Formation, Body Painting, Deep Sleep, Harmonize, Despair Song, Siren's Voice, Gloomy Shyness, Saturday Night Fever, Critical Wounds. Cannot self-target. Cannot target hostile players. 5 54~78 0F + 5V 10 Active
Clementia.png Clementia
Casts Blessing (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3/7/15-cell radius around you. Additional +1 bonus stat per 10 JobLVs. 3 ?/?/360 1F + 3V Supportive
Coluseo Heal.png Coluseo Heal
Casts Heal (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3/7/15-cell radius around you. +2.5% bonus healing for each party member affected. 3 ?/?/240 1F + 3V 2 Supportive
Duple Light.png Duple Light
For 90~360 seconds, 12~30% chance of inflicting either ATK*1.1~2 damage (with your weapon's element) or MATK*2.2~4 neutral element magic damage on each successful non-skill melee attack. 10 55~100 2F + 2V Active
Epiclesis.png Epiclesis
Resurrect friendly dead players in a 5x5 area on the ground. Enchants that area with a holy tree for 18~30 seconds: Increase maximum HP by 5~25%; Restore 3~5% HP and 2~4% SP every 3 seconds; uncloaks hidden creatures every 5 seconds. Does not affect undead element players.
Requires 1 Holy Water and 1 Ancilla.
5 300 2F + 0.5~2.5V 60 Supportive
Eucharistica.png Eucharistica
Increase attack power and resistance against Demons and Shadow monsters by 1~10% each. 10 Passive
Expiatio.png Expiatio
Target ally's attacks has 5~25% defense bypassing for 30~150 seconds. 5 35~55 1F + 1V Supportive
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 1 0 3000 Active
High Heal.png High Heal
Heals target with 2~3.2x power. 5 70~190 0F + 1V 3 Supportive
Judex.png Judex
Deals Holy magical damage to target foe and its adjacent foes within 3x3 area (MATK * 3~4 * (Base Level / 100)). 5 20~32 2.5 (0.5) Offensive
Lauda Agnus.png Lauda Agnus
50~80% chance to remove Frozen, Stone, Blind, Freezing, Crystallization, and Burning from party members. Party members not affected by these statuses have 5~8 VIT for 60 seconds. 4 50~80 0F + 1V 3 Supportive
Lauda Ramus.png Lauda Ramus
50~80% chance to remove Silence, Sleep, Stun, Mandragora Howling, and Deep Sleep from party members. Party members not affected by these statuses have 5~8 LUK for 60 seconds. 4 50~80 0F + 1V 3 Supportive
Offertorium.png Offertorium
Increases the efficiency of High Heal, Coluseo Heal, Sanctuary, and Heal while increasing SP Cost of all skills. 5 30~150 5~1 Active
Oratio.png Oratio
Reduce Holy element resistance of enemies in a 15-cell radius around you by 2~20%, with success rate of 45~90%. 10 36~62 5 2 Active
Praefatio.png Praefatio
Casts Kyrie Eleison on party members in a 18-cell radius around you. +2% absorption limit for party member affected. 10 60~150 1F + 2V 13~40 Supportive
Renovatio.png Renovatio
For 90 seconds, recover 3% HP every 5 seconds on non-undead target. Deals (Caster's Base Level x 10) + (Caster's INT) damage to undead target. 1 30 2F + 3V 1 Supportive
Sacrament.png Sacrament
For 60~180 seconds, target ally has -10~50% fixed cast time. 5 100~180 1F + 1V (0.5) Supportive
Silentium.png Silentium
Inflict Silence status to foes in a 4~8-cell radius around you for 20~60 seconds. 5 24~40 0F + 4V 15 Supportive

Equipment Skills

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time & Cool down Type Equipment
Odin's Power.png Odin's Power
For 60 seconds, +70 Equipment ATK and MATK. -20 Equipment DEF and MDEF. 1 70 Instant Supportive 2156.png Bible of Promise (1st Vol.)
For 60 seconds, +100 Equipment ATK and MATK. -20 Equipment DEF and MDEF. 2 100 2162.png Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.) or 28564.png Valkyrie Drop [1]

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 18 19 24 28 46 54
AGI 26 27 38 39 52
VIT 3 10 11 34 45 53 57
INT 1 7 8 22 32 40 41 49 55 60
DEX 5 14 15 36 44 50 59
LUK 51 58


Equip Attack Speed From 2nd Class
Bare Handed 151 −5
Shield -5 0
Mace 0 +3
Rod (One Handed) -15 +5
Rod (Two Handed) -10 +10
Book +1 +5
Knuckle -5 +15
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

Skill Tree

Skilltre archbishop.png

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